Halong cruises – cruises in Halong

Halong with many beautiful beaches is the good destination for interesting activities. Therefore, Halong is regarded as one of the most favorite destinations of foreign and Vietnamese tourists as well. On the website of Ha-long-cruises, tourists have opportunities to approach a variety of information including places to see, hotels, resorts, Halong cuisine and Ha long cruises. If you would like to take an overnight cruise, there are many choices for you like Pelican, Princess, Lagoon Explorer and so on. More interesting is that tourists can eat unique seafood in this region.

Halong Cruisine

Halong Oysters

Oysters Like lobster, oyster is one of the famous seafood in Halong. Oysters live on the sandy beaches, seaside quagmire. Oyster, which is high nutritious...
Halong Prawn

Halong is not only proud for being one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but also one of the most famous destinations...